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It's only the first week of the year, but it has been a crazy week full of lots of bizarre adventures, meaning things are going wonderfully! How can I expect to have an awesome year full of crazy times if I don't start from day one? I'm doing well so far, so here's hoping I can keep it up.

We started the year with a trip to the Tropicana resort and casino in Atlantic City, which was finally fun, considering I'm actually 21 this time. My parents have gone many times before, but the last time I was in AC I was quite small and spent all of my time playing video games in a mall that no longer exists. I was with my sister, though, and she's 18, so I didn't do anything incredibly illicit.

We started off our trip with a bang and went to see Tron Legacy in IMAX 3D. Now, before I saw this movie I was under the impression that I did not like IMAX movies – but it turns out that I'd never actually been to see one. I think I was confusing IMAX with, like, the planetarium, or some other crazy viewing experience that gave me motion sickness as a child. It turns out I LOVE IMAX. I've seen three other 3D movies (Toy Story 3, Tangled, and The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader just the day before) so that wasn't new, but combined with the IMAX experience, it was something else. I don't think I would have enjoyed Tron Legacy if it wasn't gigantic and three dimensional and loud and insane, but we LOVED it in IMAX. What we loved even more were the glasses. We couldn't keep them, so we were sure to take some lovely pictures to remember how fantastic we looked.

After that we stayed up super late and drank gigantic smoothies so that we were so sugar high that falling asleep was a joke. It took me hours to fall asleep, and Gaby claimed that she never did fall asleep at all that night. The next day we went down into The Quarter and got breakfast in our pajamas and brought it back to the room to eat while we watched television on our classy queen sized beds. After that we went to explore all of the crazy stores in The Quarter and Gaby purchased an excessive quantity of James' Salt Water Taffy, which I think was her dream. I decided to play the slots for only the second time in my life – I went out and gambled at Twin Rivers Casino in Rhode Island during the weekend after my 21st birthday and came out even. This time I actually won a little money – and then used it to purchase gourmet gelato with my sister, which was FANTASTIC! Later we went to PF Changs for dinner right in the hotel and ordered a ton of delicious food, and then had a little more time to gamble and wander around The Quarter before we had to be at The Comedy Stop. We saw three really great comedians and I had my first and last alcoholic beverage of the trip. We decided to hang around the casino for just a little while longer after that before heading back to the room and having a snack party in our room.

The next day our final order of business was to go to a gigantic breakfast buffet and eat until we exploded. I don't think anyone had much of a problem, since the selection was ridiculous! I'm a big fan of breakfast, so I really enjoyed gorging myself on some of my favorite things! I'm a little ashamed of everything I consumed that morning, but how could I NOT? They were right there, and I was on vacation! My sister and I wore our matching hoodie sweatshirts that we purchased in The Quarter as souvenirs of our crazy little adventure. We didn't think buying the same sweatshirt would be a problem most of the time, since for most of the year we live in separate cities. Besides, we actually like each other.

I fell asleep on the ride home – deep asleep. When we finally got out of the car I was still not awake, and I was so thoroughly dopey that I was about two feet away from walking straight into the garage door. For the record, our garage door is black, and it was clearly not open. I was definitely sleep walking. My mom had to wake me up mid-stride, and I was so disoriented that I went straight to bed and didn't wake up until dinner. Now THAT'S the kind of vacation I like – a restful one!


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